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4 years ago#1
To those who know, how does one unlock the Hyperion Hornet, Dahl Efficiency, Dahl Predator, Hyperion Heroism, Dark Focus, Vladof Freedom and Black Widow?

Playing as the Siren by the way if that means anything.
4 years ago#2
Vladof Freedom comes from one of the challenges, I think the ammo absorb shield one. I'm thinking that most those others may be from challenges, not sure which as I'm trying to hunt them myself.

If it helps, it seems some of the manufacturer skins come from challenges associated with their products, where others can be bought in weapon shops.
4 years ago#3
That's one down thank you.
4 years ago#4
GT: KuteKuddleyKiwi
4 years ago#5

Awesome, thank you both!
4 years ago#6
Looks like I have a few bosses and mobs to kill for some of the skins, thanks as well on that list.

On random note, >.> angers me, but the Maliwan Elegance skin for Maya is glitched, the one I got from the Slag-Licked challenge is for Salvador. Seems Axton and Zero have the same issue from what I've read.
4 years ago#7
That's happened to me too, it's annoying. All challenge related skins should only be unlocked for the respective character your using ie: complete challenge as Axton you should get something for Axton not Salvador or anyone else.
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