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how exactly does one play a cooperative game in a competitive fashion?

Same way all other loot based, co-op games are...

ah, so we compete to see who can glitch/abuse combinations the devs didn't catch during testing the best and beat the current big boss while completely ****ing the way the game was designed, essentially spitting in the eyes of the people who spent months making that encounter?

Those things are a bit harder to do on console generally. But I do agree if it wasn't done right it would be horrendous.

You do realize that a borderlands MMO has been rumored before.
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Well I see this idea was met with ill response haha.

See you guys later
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I do, and as a counter point, do you really think killing terra in mere seconds was ever intended? because it was found out in days from the game's release. people don't want to compete in a game, they just want everyone to bow to their immortal e-peen.