PC to Xbox 360 save transfer?

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4 years ago#1
Hey Folks!,

I'll be getting this soon for the 360. My flat-mate has had it since release on the PC, and if it were possible to transfer his character to the 360, he'd switch so he can game with me.

I do have some knowledge of Modio, rehashing, resigning, etc, I'm just wondering if it's possible. I know people who have switched on Skyrim from the PC to Xbox and vice versa.
4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
Probably if you just make a character on your xbox first and use their profile/device ID's it should all work out clean. I don't see why it wouldn't.
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4 years ago#4

if you can't "transfer" I'm sure you can still create a save clone from scratch. Be interested to know how that turns out.

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4 years ago#5
Every thing I've read said it was possible on BL1 with Willow Tree. But you could just download a save game from the internet (if there are any) that is meant for pc and see if your xbox will recognize it.
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