Anyone notice how many Dragon Ball Z voice actors are in Borderlands 2?

#1RedBullWingsPosted 10/4/2012 11:14:10 PM
I recognized so many voices as I played through. Ah, nostalgia. I looked them all up to see who all was in it, and I was pretty shocked to find out that almost all of them have some link to it. I guess Gearbox like Dragon Ball. CTRL+F to find a specific character.

Listing in alphabetical order (BL2 DBZ):

Andrew Chandler

Marauder Scattershot

Giran (DB), Cooler, General Rilldo (GT)

Barry Yandel

Flesh Stick, Shorty, Various

Elder Moori (DB Kai), Dolltaki (GT)

Brina Palencia

Mad Moxxi, Daisy

Puar, Chiaotzu (DB Kai)

Chad Cline

Michael Mamaril

Man 2, Robber 2, Stud Boy

Cherami Leigh

Veanna Granlund, Various

Penny (DB: CotBR)

Chris Bevins

Marauder Deadhead

Bee, Naruto Shenron (GT)

Chris Cason

Mal, Face McShooty

Shu (DB), Tien (Original Dub), Mr. Popo (Original Dub), Turtle (Original Dub), Rage Shenron (GT)

Chris Rager


King Yemma, Hercule

Christopher Sabat

Various Bandits, InneundoBot 5000, Crimson Radio

Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha

Chuck Huber

Gutter Quadruplets, Bagman, Mick Zaford, Matchstick

Emperor Pilar (DB), Garlic Jr., Kibito, Android 17

Colleen Clinkenbeard

Lilith, Patricia Tannis

Goku (DB CotBR), Princess Snake, Gohan (DB Kai), Android 18 (DB Kai), Baby Trunks (DB Kai)

Dameon Clarke

Handsome Jack


Daniel Penz

Hunter Hellquist, Old Slappy

Various (DB Kai)

Eric Vale

Boom Bewm, Will the Bandit, Various

Future Trunks

Ian Sinclair

Jimbo Hodunk

Frieza's Subordinates, Various (DB Kai)

J. Michael Tatum

Sir Hammerlock

Spice, Zarbon (DB Kai)

Jamie Marchi



Jason Douglas


King Cold (DB Kai)

Jason Liebrecht


Tapion (DBZ: WotD), Jeice (DB Kai)

Jim Foranda

Dahl, Kai

Janemba (DBZ: FR)

Joel McDonald

Capt Flynt, Tector Hodunk

Various (DB Kai)

John Swasey


Narrator (DB: CotBR), Dodoria (DB Kai)

Johnathon Brooks


Major Domo (DB: CotBR)

Josh Grelle


Various (DB Kai)

Kent Williams

Incinerator Clayton, Reiss, Test Subject

Supreme Kai

Leah Clark

Ellen Hayle, Lindy


Luci Christian

Gaige, Laney

Various (DB Kai)

Mark Stoddard

Mavis, Vladof, Jakobs

Dr. Briefs (DB Kai)
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Mike McFarland

Rat Leader

Master Roshi, Yajirobe, Baby (GT)

Monica Rial

Guilt Gun

Bulma (DB: CotBR), Bulma (DB Kai)

R. Bruce Elliot

Lance Scapelli, Mister Blake, Poppa B

Dr. Wheelo (DB: TWS), Raiti, Captain Ginyu (DB Kai)

Randy Pitchford

Crazy Earl

Gearbox President

Threw this in for those that didn't know!

Robert McCollum


Teen Goten, Goten (GT)

Scott Freeman

Deputy Winger

Various (DB Kai)

Sonny Strait

Loader 1340, Psycho, Rocko

Krillin, Bardock, Giru (GT)

Todd Haberkorn


Android 19 (DB Kai)

Zach Bolton


Various (DB Kai)
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Well....damn. The Hercule/Goliath bit made me chuckle a little, not sure why exactly but it did.
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A lot of the actors involved with DBZ live in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, which is where Funimation and Gearbox are located.
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KaptainK00l posted...
Well....damn. The Hercule/Goliath bit made me chuckle a little, not sure why exactly but it did.

That was one of the ones I immediately recognized. I think the idea of the goober playing the Goliath is pretty funny.
#6kevfalconPosted 10/4/2012 11:22:27 PM
GT and Kai is a disgrace of dragonball Z. Please don't mention them with DBZ
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#7ssjmatthewPosted 10/4/2012 11:22:41 PM
Wow, thats awesome.

Big into dbz. (In case you couldn't tell)
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#8Gattsu_XIPosted 10/4/2012 11:23:51 PM
The first time I heard a Goliath, I immediately thought of Hercule, had no idea it was actually his VA until now, I didn't even recognize Eric Vale's voice in there at all, or Christopher Sabat's either, funny how that all works.
#9VividAxisPosted 10/4/2012 11:24:28 PM
Thank you! I've been hearing those voices and I thought I was crazy for thinking they were from DBZ/GT. That's a long list.
#10RedBullWings(Topic Creator)Posted 10/4/2012 11:25:29 PM
kevfalcon posted...
GT and Kai is a disgrace of dragonball Z. Please don't mention them with DBZ

This topic isn't about what parts/iterations of the series people don't like, so please don't bring that in here.