Game freezes at loading screen

#1AndrewDean84xPosted 10/5/2012 7:50:44 AM
I've had the game since launch, and have played it probably every day since then. All of a sudden last night, the game froze at the loading screen. I had the game installed to my HDD, so I thought I would delete it from my HDD and try running it from the disc. Still froze.

I decided to boot the game this morning before coming to work and it seemed to work fine. Has this happened to anyone else?
#2Bad_Voice_OverPosted 10/5/2012 7:51:42 AM
I know there is a bug with the game freezing often for people who have used the sort function on their quest log. But aside from that? No clue.
#3CrayonmuffinPosted 10/5/2012 7:52:49 AM
It is a known glitch. Mine will load on one character, but auto save every 5--10 seconds and freeze every time it does it. They're working on a patch according to the GBX forums.
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#4AndrewDean84x(Topic Creator)Posted 10/5/2012 8:04:00 AM
I haven't seen the glitch for sorting my quests. The one I experienced was just during the initial load screen.
#5Bad_Voice_OverPosted 10/5/2012 8:04:52 AM
I was just saying if you had sorted quests it may be a result of that, rather than the normal symptoms.
#6AndrewDean84x(Topic Creator)Posted 10/6/2012 7:22:14 PM
The game has been doing well for the last 2 days. Now its doing the same thing, freezing at the load screen after I choose to continue.