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4 years ago#1
I have one golden key that I kind of want to use at level 30, but am torn on what to do. I mainly use sniper rifles and most currently do around 800-1000 base damage (plus elemental).

Anyone else use around 30 and get anything worth while?
4 years ago#2
I'd say anywhere around level 20-30 is a perfect time to use it. You get decent weapons, and unless you're really lucky you haven't found any good legendaries that will trump them. End game you most likely will so it makes it pointless to wait.
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4 years ago#3
It is tempting, isn't it? Still, waiting for 50 is the best thing you can do.

Or if you're really dedicated, waiting to use it until all expansions are out and the level cap is as high as it's ever going to be.

But, we can get multiple keys, Gearbox has been giving out tons of codes. Twiter and Facebook, of course.
4 years ago#4
30 is the worst time to use it IMO, whatever you get will be replacd very quickly either by warrior drops or what you get towards the beginning of pt2
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4 years ago#5
I was soloing with Axton and used a key at lvl 30 and got 2 shields, meh. I was co-oping with 3 friends with Maya and used a key at lvl 25, don't remember what I got on the first pull, but I was able to open the chest unlimited times after that for the rest of the session, it was nuts. Filled my crew's packs top to bottom with purple gear and banked tons of cash selling stuff.
4 years ago#6
It is definitely tempting to open it up.


I just killed Angel so I am getting ready to face Jack and the Warrior so maybe I will at least until after that battle to see what I get. After that I will finish up all the side quests, etc. Not sure I am patient enough to wait until 50 (even though weapons might be better).

I am not sure when I will even get leveled to 50 as I might start a new character after this PT. Axton right now and would like to have a few more characters to choose from when doing coop.

Thanks everyone for the input.

I will be on finishing up the game tonight if anyone is interested in joining.
4 years ago#7
After beating the Warrior the first time, I got some pretty damn good weapon. I had a Legendary sniper rifle drop for me.

I haven't started PT2 yet, I'm still farming other enemies to get weapons and shields to prepare myself, and I've leveled up 3 more times. I did Warrior again last night, and again about 20 minutes ago, and I got even better weapons. This one revolver actually outclasses that Legendary I have.
4 years ago#8
That would be awesome if I could get a legendary drop. I am thinking at level 30 and with my weapons now Jack and Warrior shouldn't be to much of a challenge for me.
4 years ago#9
So far Lynchburg has seemed to be the toughest place so far and I went there at level 24 I think. For some reason I struggled there.
4 years ago#10
I absolutely hated Lynchwood, it was such a hassle and I kept getting torn apart. I had trouble at several points in the game, and especially during the run to get to The Warrior. That was awful, I died a lot.

But like most of the Bosses in the game, Jack and The Warrior were pretty manageable, didn't die once.

Now I can kill the Warrior, even with him being a couple levels above me, in just a few minutes.
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