Gaige + Scooter = Profit????

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User Info: KiThirsty

4 years ago#61
Repost of an announcement everyone already read three days ago.

User Info: Nailbomb

4 years ago#62
Preorder canceled.
I find it amusing that something a drunk person babbled at me is considered "common sense" by Dismind! - Brain Hammer

User Info: Silverosx

4 years ago#63
Comment about random person's sig
My posts come with muffins. Take only one per post.
Don't flame me, or the muffins will BURN!
(message deleted)

User Info: hypalite

4 years ago#65
Jacquard posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

flame flame flame flame flame Jacquard
Gamertag: Mike Beck 35

User Info: inloveanddeath0

4 years ago#66
Jive turkey

User Info: Carbuncle009

4 years ago#67
Joe_Cobbs posted...
Carbuncle009 posted...
Joe_Cobbs posted...
Red01MustangGT posted...
KiThirsty posted...
Wall of text.


Post calling you an idiot for having better things to do than read a wall o' crap.

Reply saying how people can do whatever the heck they want, thus contradicting own post of brony hate.

Post calling you a dumb troll for not understanding the art of internet novels.

Interjection that explicits slight confusion at your post, followed by more nonsensical brony hate.
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User Info: jasherska

4 years ago#68
Why cant we all just get a long?
We will attack using extreme prejudice.
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User Info: Erupt50

4 years ago#69
Link to YouTube video of somebody that agrees with me
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User Info: Red01MustangGT

4 years ago#70
Erupt50 posted...
Link to YouTube video of somebody that agrees with me

That guys an idiot, I can only made it 10 seconds into the vid before I had to close it.
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