Anyone else being charged ~5 billion MS points for the compatability patch?

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Has anyone tried deleting the dlc and reinstalling? Would that cause previous saves to be lost?

The error is on the marketplace.
All that would do is waste your time.
Seriously, is it that hard for people to grasp the simple concept that it's a glitch in the system, and Gearbox and Microsoft are working to fix it?


No kidding, the pack was glitched and didn't work correctly, this is purposeful so no one downloads the bad version.
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I think it's fixed, just checked the store and it said "FREE" on my system
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yeah its fixed
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A company to rival EA's Greed! Whodathunkit?
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Get a friend to invite you to a game and a message will pop up about downloading the comp. pack and it will be free. Select to download it and it should work.
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lol I got this too. Weird! 4.2 billion Microsoft points = $53 million? Daaaaamn!
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So, anyone want to guess what number you get when you convert -1 into a 32 bit unsigned integer? :)
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Well somehow the purchase went through for me and now I have -4294966985 Microsoft many dollars is that?

Try buying a cheap indie game. If it goes through, log off and notify Microsoft immediately. This sounds like something you could get banned over.

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I've got a plan.

I'm going to purchase 4,294,967,295 microsoft points, and buy this.

That'll show 'em

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