The worst weapons in the game...

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You can cancel the burst by unzooming.

The real full auto snipers are the Vladofs. My roommate will run around gunzerking with a slag vladof sniper and another elemental sniper and still wreck things.
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Almost anything made by Torque is garbage.

You must not use shotguns.

Or assault rifles

Or rocket launchers
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faiththroughend posted...
You're thinking tediore man, tediore benefits from grenade damage. Unless torgue does as well for some reason, hm

Torgue guns shoot explosive gyros, not bullets. These count as grenades and are fired from a gun so they benefit from gun damage and grenade damage, but not bullet damage or other bullet procs.
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From: trigin12 | #014
Almost anything made by Torque is garbage.

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Holoogamooga_ posted...
You can cancel the burst by unzooming.

Did it really take this long for someone to point this out, or did I miss it somewhere along the way?

As far as Jakobs guns being bad, Maggie.
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for me it has to be tediore rocket launchers... I cannot tell you how many times I have died throwing one at my feet trying to reload behind cover
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EvilAshTwin posted...
No, I cant stand Dahl Sniper Rifles either.

I can understand this for regular encounters.

But, unless the sniper you regularly use has +180% crit damage on it, Dahl rifles are superior for major boss fights.
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The Bane.

Best weapon in the game?

The Bane

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All types of Hyperion guns. All junk. I only grab them for money.
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