Moxxi's Endowment Relic

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4 years ago#51
alright just went off and did the mission. got a level 37 for 7%.

im gonna grab a bite to eat so send me a message

gt is fluxxkh3mist
4 years ago#52
that would be pretty awesome if you were able to trade it to me,

what were you looking for in return?>
4 years ago#53
ITT: TC means srs bsns
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4 years ago#54
I found my 8.4% relic
4 years ago#55
lol you said broham.
4 years ago#56
never heard the word before?

Also yeah if your willing to part with it either send me a message on live.... Gamertag is Orge Lambart or post your gamertag and i'll get in touch with you. Also let me know what you were looking for and I'll see if I can get it for you, if I don't already have it.
4 years ago#57
there's a certain type of people who use that word...
4 years ago#58
so you are saying what? You'd like to fist pump with me?
4 years ago#59
hey buddy... these pretzels suck... yeah so scratch this topic, found a copy on my back up save, it's cool though.
4 years ago#60
I had a 15% one. But Earl ate it. Yeah, the whole thing... With like a fork.
I'm gonna tolerate and love the **** out of you.
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