Seraph crystals/guardians. ??!!!

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User Info: godFORBIDjelly

4 years ago#1
Just killed the Leviathan, yet I did not get any seraph crystals or guardians. Nothing in my inventory that says Seraph and I've checked this whole area. What am I missing? What do I look for in order to get these things?
Please help.
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User Info: shiningflare

4 years ago#2
Hyperius and Master Gee are the guardians, you can only kill them once a day to get the crystals.
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User Info: IvIacidIxI

4 years ago#3
go to shade get quest for hyperius, hes a guardian, kill him he drops crystals, after him turn in quest and get quest for master gee hes a guardian as well that drops crystals.
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  3. Seraph crystals/guardians. ??!!!

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