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User Info: travshaft

4 years ago#1
Anyone know what the patch was this morning for Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360

User Info: Deomi

4 years ago#2
General consensus so far is its the same patch (for the most part) as the PC and PS3 have already gotten. Sry i dont have links to the notes.
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User Info: bcon1208

4 years ago#3
Hopefully the one that's been out on PS3 since last week :/
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User Info: Jaasce

4 years ago#4
There was a patch?! <3 Just got home.
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User Info: travshaft

4 years ago#5
I haven't gotten graveyard.sav yet, but would like to know when it's patched so I can start playing multiplayer again.

User Info: atomsteele

4 years ago#6
Posted 10/22/2012 4:59:03 AM
message detail

- Fixed player first-person arms appearing too far up or down the screen when in horizontal/vertical split mode.
- Fixed players losing ammo when reloading a savegame with max ammo and a stockpile relic equipped.
- Fixed the vendor UI sometimes showing a count of 1 less item in the player’s backpack than is actually there.
- Fixed fast travel stations from downloadable content sometimes disappearing when loading a saved game.
- Fixed players getting stuck in a white box when two people try to travel at once and one is in a vehicle.
- Allowed players to trade with each other when at maximum backpack capacity if they’re trading the same number of items with each other.
- Fixed clients sometimes losing access to fast travel stations unlocked during co-op progression.
- Fixed the favorite/trash icons on inventory items sometimes disappearing when scrolling the inventory list.
- Added safeguards against the game getting stuck on a ‘Saving…’ prompt when a client with a splitscreen player saves and quits the game under specific rare circumstances.
- Fixed the “has abandoned your struggle!” message sometimes appearing with no player name.
- Fixed mini-map fog-of-war sometimes not uncovering correctly when first loading a saved game as a client.
- Fixed co-op players sometimes spawning at different places after a level transition.
- Fixed an error that could sometimes occur when trying to join a game where the host had recently returned from a downloadable content area.
- Fixed an error where clients would sometimes see certain weapons firing in incorrect directions.
- Fixed a blocker in the “Do No Harm” mission and repaired users already affected by the bug.
- Fixed an issue with savegames sometimes causing the game to stutter / freeze and repaired saves already affected by the bug.
- Made the user’s inventory not jump to the top of the list when using a customization item.
- Fixed a bug with shields that reduce the player’s maximum health not displaying the amount of health reduced on the item card.
- Fixed a bug where some challenges would sometimes re-complete levels 1 through 5 over and over again, granting the user additional ranks and tokens.
- Enemies affected by a Siren’s Thoughtlock ability may now be damaged by other players.
- Fixed an issue where players could sometimes lose their third and fourth weapon slots. Characters who have already lost these slots will be repaired the next time they are loaded.
- Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to pick items up after another player had bulk-picked-up a nearby item.
- Fixed occasionally skipping players being added to the “players met” list.

This went live for ps3 5-6 days ago, so I assume this has now gone live for us.

User Info: atomsteele

4 years ago#7
bump so people dont have to wade through a ton of junk to find an answer.

User Info: Cmac4

4 years ago#8
Awesome that's a pretty good amount of fixes.

User Info: hibmosis

4 years ago#9
All I know is I can use my Siren again and I'm happy.

User Info: travshaft

4 years ago#10
Just so I'm clear, this did not fix the graveyard.sav glitch, correct?
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