Duping is bad

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Even Casltevania: Harmony of Despair has that.

Man, I remember not getting Valmanway +1, Shanoa's other spells and such with the game's stupid RNG.

I've never played Harmony of Despair, but I've got 100% in every Metroidvania game on GBA and DS. Only got bored a couple times, farming souls in Dawn of Sorrow.

Harmony of Despair is a 360 and PS3 co-op multiplayer game. Imagine GBA/DS Metroidvania stages with about three more players plus you.

Premise is simple: Kill the boss and you'll be awarded with an item. So you navigate through the level for quickest way to get to the boss but be warned: you have 30 minutes to do so (ample amount of time). You go to the boss, you kill it, you get the item.

RNG however is an absolute crapshoot so you may get that ultra rare weapon or just a super potion.
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I am a dupe, and I troll this message.
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Dupes gave me cancer 8(
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I am a dupe, and I troll this message.
Conferance Call for President, 2012.

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I find the whole 'anti-duping' argument incredibly pretentious. It's like saying "people that perform oral sex on their partners are ruining sex for everyone". Yep,that's right. It ruins it for everyone. Mmm hmm.
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Honestly if it wasn't for dupes/hacks I would have quit playing this game after PT1 on 1 character.
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Duping doesn't ruin the game for everyone else, it just speaks volumes about the integrity of the person doing so, and by the looks of it, most of the generation that person represents. Not surprising though, this is the "meee" generation we a taking about. The entitled generation, the generation that believes the world owes them everything with nothing in return.
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troll topic is trollish.
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lukewade when are you doing another skin drop!?