Pretty bad game

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I prefer bacon.

Flavour is lame as hell, texture is uninteresting, the "sizzling" elements
aka fried-egg based soundtrack is very flawed. I ate it once
never gonna touch this again. Overall, overhyped garbage
is what this is. Maybe it's cause i hate breakfast. The only
thing that's a plus is the salty aroma which kind of fits
the meal. A very bad food overall.

This post is bad, and you should feel bad.

I think that's a matter of taste....

see what I did there...?
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Your loss, sorry to hear -- considering this game isn't strictly a "co-op" game.
Graphics are suppose to be like that due to the vast things they put into the game (you will never come across the same weapon twice -- minus unique weapons, etc..) while limiting it to 1 disk. (but might understand that as you exclaimed you liked the graphics)

To each their own.

Not only can you come across the same weapon twice (this is minus the uniques by the way) but you will eventually come across the same weapon. On several occasions I have looked through a weapon shop only to find 2 of the EXACT same guns. Same stats, same builds, same price.

It happens.

I never seen that happen on the regular shops. Only in the Seraph Market.
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I live in a town were a place called Fractured Prune is. You can custom make your donuts. One of the neat things about my town since no one knows anything about OC

I actually live 10 minutes outside Ocean City. How'd you guys do with the hurricane? And I love Fractured Prune's donuts.
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I ****in LOVE doughnuts, I'm such a fatty aren't I? I really like the old fashioned ones though, the round ones with the ridges. I like those ones unglazed, it's sweet enough as it is.

Anyone who doesn't like glaze on their old fashioned doughnuts is wrong.
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1/10 please try again
Peep the stats bro.
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Something about this topic is extremely satisfying. I am pretty sure it is the fact that the TC "wasted" 60 dollars and is unhappy. Ahhhhh I love this feeling.

P.S. I am not a doughnut person, but fractured prune is awesome.
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I'm glad you liked it!

topic should have end with this post
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someone dupe me some donuts please
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How many other games let you shoot a Chubby?
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Try to troll harder