Goddammit. You guys won't believe this.

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Falloutgenuis posted...
To all those people who want his phone number. The TC could be lying. He might just want to bug the crap out of somebody. Therefore I think we should give him suggestions, but not participate in any action.

Meh, I'm bugging somebody and it's not illegal either way. As long as you're within the justifiable boundaries of the law, calling somebody to bug him/her isn't harassment until they ask you to stop (or if you threaten him/her, which is a practice I don't condone).

However, let's say you are right and TC was looking to rustle somebody's jimmies. Jimmies were rustled; thus, they must be unrustled over time. Whether we shall do the unrustling or somebody else is unclear at this point so I'll leave it at that.
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Just take a deep breath and let it go....move on and get new friends....don't let it eat you up or you will never have a stress-free life...you can not escape the bottom-feeders...they are everywhere and you just can't stay on top of everything every second of your life...it could have happened to anyone...i wouldn't spend another second worrying over that low-life
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I know a guy named "Conner" that likes to handle matters of injustice like this, it may get a little messy because he uses a tomahawk. If he's not available maybe I can get Ezio.
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Yeah... show the cops your receipt, ask them to fingerprint the case, and take the case into evidence, and hold the disc, but not as evidence.

If they find him guilty of a petty crime, depending on if he has priors, he might do time.

but realize this.

The game is going to be $35 on Black Friday.

Nothing you can do is worth $35.

Best advice... steal that ISH back.

or steal the antenna off his car. ;)
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You're right.
I don't believe this.
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ApexMjolnir posted...
Yeah... show the cops your receipt, ask them to fingerprint the case, and take the case into evidence, and hold the disc, but not as evidence.

To be honest, the police probably aren't going to get involved over a $60 game: too much trouble - getting a warrant or subpoenaing the guy to acquire the game as evidence, taking it to the crime lab, running fingerprints through the DB, not to mention all the paperwork...

TC could take him to court, which would cost a hell of a lot more than $60.

On the plus side, under the U.S. Constitution, you're entitled to a jury in all civil cases over disputes of $20 or more :D
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Why has race not been mentioned I believe this is relevant. Are you sure TC you didn't let said person "borrow" the game and they "took it" as meaning "mine now ***** boy"? Go figure. This must be you're first time, a virgin of sorts. Don't let them borrow books you'll never get them back LOL.
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Off the top of my head, (with the cops by your side) ask him if you've ever set foot in his house
He'll answer no
Ask to see if your fingerprints are on the disc/case (obviously they will be)

Maybe a bit too much time/money wasted, but its a thought
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Way to much time and thought Pajo17, trust me profiles are more important. Poe penned a great "who dun it" with the ***** ***" all the rest is history.
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i like the idea of going 4chan on this sucker and giving us his info. ya know. or freeing a poisons viper into his house and playing the waiting game (after cutting phonelines and making sure he cant get out. )
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