Has gearbox attitude towards dupers/cheaters changed your future buy of BL3?

#21terrysmay04Posted 11/8/2012 8:37:38 AM
it looks like people are duping butthurt now >_>
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GET A FREAKIN LIFE LOSERS! if someone wants to cheat in their private game BIG FN DEAL! if you dont want to cheat in ur game GOOD FOR YOU! it makes no difference either way as this isnt a competitive multiplayer game. GET OVER IT! stop trying to ruin others fun cause you cant keep your nose out of their business. it really is PATHETIC how MUCH this is a topic OVER and OVER and OVER, just STFU already. Dupers pay their money just like the non-dupers and both can enjoy the game any way they see fit, as long as it doesnt change your game, what does it harm. if i dupe or dont dupe is that changing your experience? if so thats pretty weak that your letting someone who you dont know and never will control your fun. i for one DONT CARE if you dupe or not, thats your choice.
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SuprSaiyanRockr posted...
Regular players are being scared away by duping?

I don't think that's a game problem, that's a mentality problem. Nothing gearbox can do about that other than say 'suck it up', or simply cave to the small percentage of the fanbase that wants to dictate how others play.

Bordem is taking it to the next never.
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the only thing I see is a problem, is people joining your game randomly, with modded stuff, and even though you are at level 50, you start gaining experience.

So you call out to the LEVEL 150 that just joined your game, and ask him to leave, when he runs over to the save checkpoint, and uses the save feature and lets off his grenade that does 400,000 damage X 500 mirvs, which then locks your game while saving.

You can say that I should just play with friends, but it is not possible with the hours I work. All I wanted to do was have some help finishing the LAST few Badass Ranks, two of which requires more than one person.

Game save from day 1, level 50 with everything complete, corrupted. Awesome.

I don't care about Duping, I don't do it. The only thing I have from anyone else, is a level 49 Bee Shield. Anyone that I play with from now on, If I see anything funny going on, I will just save and quit, even if I am host.
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Chrono Trigger Rules posted...
SuprSaiyanRockr posted...
Regular players are being scared away by duping?

I don't think that's a game problem, that's a mentality problem. Nothing gearbox can do about that other than say 'suck it up', or simply cave to the small percentage of the fanbase that wants to dictate how others play.

You guys are the ones dictating how us NORMAL PLAYERS play you tool.....
We cant go online in a game we paid for because you guys just have to be so childish and cheat.

This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

You my friend are the childish one. You claim we are somehow restricting your ability to go online despite the fact that its your own personal decision? Despite the fact that not playing/trading with people who dupe is your own decision? Seriously?

Nobody is forcing you to play with people who dupe or accept duplicated weapons. If someone wants to trade you something, then trade with them without duplicating. If they refuse, well then you just found yourself a person who you can avoid knowing that he/she is a duper.

And that phrase "normal" is quite subjective. What you define as normal may not be what me, or anyone else defines as normal. Its your own opinion, and although you are somewhat entitled to have an opinion (preferably an educated opinion) you are not in any way shape or form entitled to parade it around and insult others simply because you choose to do things differently.

Saying you cant is implying the inability to. Which is completely untrue. If you have an internet connection you are allowed (and even encouraged) to go online like the rest of the community. You are not restricted from playing with others. If you choose to do so because of some personal vendetta you have with people who choose to play how they want to (and you choose to not do so yourself), then let it be so. Nobody is judging you for disliking duplicating. But its when you come here and make an objective poll (which is counter intuitive) to reflect your own biased opinions and try to argue that duping is somehow affecting your ability to freely play the game, well then, I think ignoramus would be a bit of an understatement.

Seriously. Im getting BL3 because its going to be a fun game just like the previous two installments. Im getting it because Im not a douche who dictates how other people spend their free time in a lobby that Im not forced to be in. I dont care how people play. You paid for it, enjoy it as you see fit. As long as you dont force my decisions, Im indifferent to anyone's choices on the Xbox. I dont have to dupe or play with people who dupe. I can, and I do, on one character, but not on another.

I have several accounts, and characters who I never duped with. I have encountered a lot of people who do not like to dupe, and I trade with them 1:1. I can safely say the weapons I have found on my "legit"" character are unique. Nobody is restricting me from going online, certainly not my other character with a few duped weapons.

Host a lobby yourself, Play with friends. If you dont like people who dupe, avoid them. Its not as hard as you think, and you would know this if you actually tried.

tl:dr? You are a hypocrite who tries to impose his uneducated opinions on people who you never interact with but seem to have an unexplained personal vendetta for.Host your own lobby. Make your own rules.
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Its not like the game has an actual mulit-player. At most, its coop so whats the difference with duping. I don't even have a problem with modded weapons.
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Chrono Trigger Rules posted...
I wont be buying 3 unless they make a BIG DEAL about having a anti-cheater system

damn should be 2 chances*

Ok, its like this. you can hate all you like ither way for or with (Dupers)
you can scream and b**** all you like about (Cheats) but here is the bottom line.
you dont matter, and others dont care.
dr. seuss said it best. "The people the matter, don't care. And the people that care don't matter."
you clam these cheaters and dupers broke the game, killed your fun.
well i ask how? and I answer. they did don't! how can they?
Its easy. The dupers don't trade with them if you don't like it. problem solved.
you can go a farm for 24 hours+ till you get what you want.
i been there done them countless time in countless games. Like FF11. so boy..
you have no right to b**** till you spend 3 weeks+ hunting a NM (Notorious Monster)
with a 12 hour+ re spawn timer from the time last killed with 32 other people and then still not a 100% O' no but a 15% chance of getting what your after. then and only then can you b**** and still it will do you no good.
as for the (cheaters) just don't play with them play with friends you know the people you had by you before you ran them off with this pointless topic.

The fact of the matter is, it is you and you alone who makes this game fun or not if you don't like it don't play it. its just that simple. you can go play halo 4 with 15000 13 year olds that will scream in your hear and jump around the level like a bunny. good luck with that.

and one last thing, feel free not to type anything back to me I don't care nor will I read it or anything else from this topic.
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"Yes, im a lame duper myself"

Way to be subjective on a POLL, TC. That "lame" was unnecessary. Is this your first rodeo doing things that are supposed to be unbiased? lol
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