Has gearbox attitude towards dupers/cheaters changed your future buy of BL3?

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ApexMjolnir posted...
the only thing I see is a problem, is people joining your game randomly, with modded stuff, and even though you are at level 50, you start gaining experience.

So you call out to the LEVEL 150 that just joined your game, and ask him to leave, when he runs over to the save checkpoint, and uses the save feature and lets off his grenade that does 400,000 damage X 500 mirvs, which then locks your game while saving.

You can say that I should just play with friends, but it is not possible with the hours I work. All I wanted to do was have some help finishing the LAST few Badass Ranks, two of which requires more than one person.

Game save from day 1, level 50 with everything complete, corrupted. Awesome.

I don't care about Duping, I don't do it. The only thing I have from anyone else, is a level 49 Bee Shield. Anyone that I play with from now on, If I see anything funny going on, I will just save and quit, even if I am host.

Wait, you can get a corrupted save from dupers screwing around with you? If that is true thats ****ing terrible of anyone to do. If this is the case I can see the reasoning behind wanting to crack down on cheaters, but I can also see the point of view from someone who wants to get the most from his game even if it is hacks.

In the end I was going to say "Where is the option for I don't care what people do I am getting BL3." but that corrupted save thing from dupers is pretty rancid, people want the most out of the game while inadvertently punishing people who want to play normally with a corrupt save.

All that's left to say is if they keep the cheating, then dupers don't be butthurt when someone hits a check point and saves your game while you were trying to dupe in their room. People can cheat but stay out of random people rooms, same goes with people who want to play legit, if you see duping just leave.
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To get mad over duping is a bit too much. Afterall, farming in this game (with the exception of a few bosses) is nothing more than an exploit used to get an item that you want. It just takes longer.

Anti Dupers are so certain that it was not the intention of the game designers to allow people to dupe items. I'm not saying they're wrong, but I'd bet it wasn't in their design to have you to repeatedly kill every boss until you get what you want. Were that the case, every boss would drop a legendary everytime just like terramorphus (whom does respawn without saving and quitting btw).

You want to make legendaries mean something? You gotta burn the candle from both ends. Implement features to make duping impossible and, make boss encounters one and done with an immediate save once you deliver the final blow. You get the item, then good for you, if not then too bad. Then that grounded bee, or that conference call will mean something.

Seeing has how that's not likely to occur, it's pointless to get mad at someone having an item when you don't know how they got it, and you can simply choose to stop playing with them.
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In the immortal words of Pewdiepie: 'I DON'T CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE!!!!"
If you're gonna dupe, then dupe!
If you're gonna mod, then mod!
If you're not gonna do either, then don't!
This isn't like CoD where there are teams going against one another, this game is just a HUGE co-op game, without the "competition" element if there are people modding/dupping you don't have to worry about people taking drops because they got it or they dupe/mod it!

I just don't understand why this is an issue, I really don't....
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Why would that bother regular users? This isn't even a competitive game.
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Chrono Trigger Rules posted...
Bridling posted...
What's their attitude towards it?

obviously they dont want to scare away duping costumers but this will hurt em because now theyve scared away regular players (how I see it anyways)

How did dupers scare anyone away, there is a difference between dupers and modders. the Graveyard save is from modders. I think some Prep H will fix your problem though.
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They have said since BL1 that they aren't exactly against the cheating unless of course its something that messes up things like the Graveyard thing. Its why I love them.

They realize its a coop game and that someones cheating does NOT affect you. Really it doesn't. If there weapons are modded/dupped it doesn't effect your game. If they drop stuff you don't have to pick it up. Heck if you don't like who you are playing with find another game.

I truly don't understand why people complain about cheaters in a game where it makes NO difference to you.
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My favorite part of these threads is where the majority of anti dupers usually have one character and most of the time it isn't level 50, but they're clearly getting so much more time an enjoyment than I am with my ~9 days of playtime. I also love how immature they are and that they never give an actual reason save "it just ruins it". As a result I'm forced to assume they're too inadequate to host or play with friends, and lack the self-control to leace illegitimate legendaries on the ground if someone drops them.

Not buying a single player game because other people would rathe actuall play it instead of pressing "save/quit" for hours. Good TC, i sounds like the xbox menu itself might be a better game for you anyway.
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Like I said before they won't change it the duping community is way to big and they'd be stupid to alienate that big of fan base. They will stick with what they always say play with people you know and trust. They need to relax on the drop rate put it somewhere between the rate of 1&2. Besides gamers are smart they would find a way so why try which would just end up people whining about more glitches. Duping is the least of their worries.
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#49spfurm01Posted 11/8/2012 11:05:21 AM
if BL3 has saves located on GB servers I probably won't play it. Always online gaming is honestly not a bright future in my eyes.
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spfurm01 posted...
if BL3 has saves located on GB servers I probably won't play it. Always online gaming is honestly not a bright future in my eyes.

All of my this. I'm not paying you to incarcerate my saves. Internet goes down and I can't access my game? There's things I'm "not allowed to do" with my property? What a crock. I can't believe people bough D3, just the principle.
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