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3 years ago#1
seriously i thought BL1 was great, very addicting and then came BL2 and its loaded with bigger skill trees, more enemies and vehicles, guns etc BL2 missing anything, what could they add that would make it even better?lets not talk about duping on this thread btw lol..custimizable weapons that could be bought from eridium is one thing id like to see added..maybe a new area that resembles hell complete with demons and hells angels etc etc..the end enemy wouldnt be the devil though, that would be too predictable.

i would like to see them go away from having characters that send AI units out to kill the enemy though..having the commando is fine but the Mechro with his giant machine is silly..come up with fresh character action skills..
3 years ago#2
The Mechromancer is female. Not to say that I disagree with your point, of course, but I figured I'd point that out.
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3 years ago#3
I would like weapon mods that you could use to customize your weapons. For example a mod that you could use to make a Dahl sniper single shot. They could either be dropped from enemies or occasionally be available at the black market making all this extra eridium I have useful.
3 years ago#4
i would love the ability to do simple weapon mods like adding/removing a scope.

actually that's all i want.
3 years ago#5
Yeah, simple weapon mods could be useful. As in, with what should reasonably be modded on a weapon. Adding a scope or a slightly bigger magazine size, bought with Eridium, Seraphcrystals, or whatever they come up with for the next DLC.

Other than that, probably just more gun parts, and therefore MORE THAN 950 BAZILLION GUNS!
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