verm anyone?

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4 years ago#1
i havent been able to spawn him solo or split screen so was wondering if anyone would like to team up and take a shot at it.
GT: shakenblake31
4 years ago#2
I really want to fight this thing, been hearing great reviews shoot me an inv. if you can find em...
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4 years ago#3
im trying to get a few extra people in so we have a better chance but ill for sure drop you an invite
GT: shakenblake31
4 years ago#4
I want to give this a go to...send me an invite. I have a Siren.
GT: eraserhead0331
4 years ago#5
Well if you aren't full send me an invite
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4 years ago#6
Were you going to try the Caverns or the Farmhouse? Or somewhere else?
GT: eraserhead0331
4 years ago#7
i was thinking the farmhouse. thats where ive had the best luck leveling the damn things up
GT: shakenblake31

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