Moxxi Tip guns question

#1SunCeFanPosted 11/10/2012 2:15:41 PM
Are they character specific or playthrough specific?

Does my Siren get only 1 of both Bad Touch and Good Touch regardless of being in Playthrough1 or Playthrough2? Or will each playthrough yield 1 of each per tipping her enough?
#2mikezero83Posted 11/10/2012 2:25:19 PM
Each play through gets the corrosive one, and you can get the fire one as many times as you want. But if you just obtained a fire one either save/quit or do a few missions as the tip option disappears and she only asks how the job is going even if you finished all her mission. :/
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#3MGunzCPosted 11/10/2012 3:21:16 PM
If you want a higher level Corrode version, just go split-screen with a new character on a second controller, give him/her some money, and have that character tip Moxi.

The new character will get the gun at the appropriate level of the main character's storyline. Then just trade it.