Who are the Sirens? *SPOILERS*

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Screw having it in the next DLC, how about in the next game we find out?!!
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How is angel not a siren? Ingame shes even called one.

She's dead. There can supposedly only be 6 Sirens alive at any given time, so there has to be another.

From Maya/Angels backstory, we can assume they grow up as a Siren, not just randomly turn into one all of a sudden.

but Angel is still a Siren just a dead Siren

Which is why she no longer counts for the number of sirens. There are still 4 more sirens that can be revealed.
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Tiny Tina will be a surprise Siren, kind of like Harry Potter finding out he is a wizard, seeing everyone loves Tina.
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Could we not count the vault hunter (our char) as a Siren too? I feel like it's okay to count another siren "spot" as the character.
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The real question is:
How does Hack knows this?
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I can't remember exactly what it was, but there was something in the ECHOs near the end of the game, the ones where Angel is a kid, that made me think that Jack somehow TURNED Angel INTO a siren when she was a kid.

The story has never intrigued me much so i haven't given it much thought, but the whole "Siren power is given or taken" thing would make much more sense to me than being born with it given that there supposedly can only be six in the universe at once. That to me, says that there are only so many sources of the power, not that they somehow get reincarnated with it.

If this were the case, and let me remind you there can always be retcons, then they could do a lot more with the Siren story line than otherwise.

Imagine if in BL3 you play as Sirens, only you know, ninja siren, turret siren, etc. I would definitely welcome a super power on top of special power. Why not? Maybe Siren powers could be a passive that you choose? Dunno, but it would be cool IMO.
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Steele was painted up because she was one of the girls that jacks people painted and brought to him. Which is why he sent out the echo telling them to stop painting girls and trying to pass them off as sirens.
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Which is also where the echos came from where jack killed steele
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I thought The Destroyer killed Steele... You know, with a giant tentacle through the abdomen.
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Well she apparently didnt die because the echos where jack kills her is very early in this game.
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