Serious question for people pro-bee nerf

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3 years ago#71
Panopictonguy posted...
kiwimyweewee posted...
Yeah I honestly tried to give gearbox the benefit of the doubt for justification of the bee nerf but randy really makes it impossible not that it was fair or not in the first place I just though there was a proper reason.

There are some things you listen to fans for and some you don't. Fun is subjective and you should treat nerfing/buffing things with an objective stance. You should never redo anything for fans personal wants but for your own creative reasons or idea for what you want as a person or company.

Not hurr durr some not having fun I am the president of gearbox.

Ruining Multi-player for normal players isn't objective enough?

No it's purely subjective on who's game experience is ruined or not. For as many people that hated there were just as many that liked it.

I'm all for rules and equal playing fields in coop games but when developers make changes it shouldn't be about whether or not people were having fun.

If randy had half a brain he would have stated "we are nerfing the bee. The bee is not what we envisioned in our game. The bee was overlooked with shotguns and tediore reloads and we are adjusting it to our expectations."

Not there is evidence of not having fun because there is cleary evidence both ways.
They're not going to say no because of the implication.
3 years ago#72
Panopictonguy posted...
kiwimyweewee posted...
Theismos posted...
Where did people get this asinine notion that "I should be able to play a game however I want!!!"? No, you'll play it the way the developers designed it. That's how games work. If they don't want the content of the game trivialized and opt to correct that then fantastic. At the very worst they're constantly working on the game and "trying" to improve it. Whining about it is ridiculous.

Because when people buy video games they think they own it.

They do own it...they just don't own the rights to the intellectual property.

When you buy a book you don't curse the author because he didn't end it the way you wanted him to. I mean you can...but he did it with his own idea in mind and as an art form you're just suppose to about it the watt he intended.

Yeah, but what if you want to buy a movie and, say, the director suddenly decides "This scoundrel character shooting a bounty hunter before the bounty hunter has a chance to shoot him doesn't really sit well with me now. I'm changing that.," it would be ridiculous.

Erm, wait.... ok... bad example.
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  3. Serious question for people pro-bee nerf

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