How bad is the Bee nerf?

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4 years ago#21
minimang123 posted...
Well this f***ing sucks. Now, if you actually want to be able to enjoy the game, you need to find some modded weapons that kill all enemies in one hit. This is utterly ridiculous.

Babymakers won't work. Shotguns won't work. You need a high rate of fire if anything.

I spent 2 straight hours killing Terramorphous, at (generously high time) 6 minutes per run. Let's pretend. I didn't receive a single orange item. Meaning, after 20 runs, 2 hours (and I had a second controller plugged in), I did not receive a single orange item. Now, with the nerf to the bee, let's make believe that I can manage to kill him in 15 minutes per run now, if that, alone. In those two hours, I'll be able to fight him 8 times now, and even then I won't get an orange. What the hell fun is that?

Why in the hell would Gearbox ruin their broken game like this? How am I meant to respect the game company now? There are a million reasons why it's not wrong of people to use tactics like this, and never once have I heard a legitimate argument against the bee. Every single time that someone b****es about the bee, all they say is that it is "unfair". Well, guess what morons, now there is absolutely no reason to play the game. What fun is there in fighting a boss for 2 hours straight, killing him 20 times, and not getting anything worthwhile? Now it will take 5 hours to do the same thing. Nobody has that kind of time to waste, nor should they have to.

Gearbox just lost a damn faithful customer, at least for now.

Do you have to fight a boss for two hours? There's other things to kill on Pandora. Go play with a new character if you get bored with your current level 50.

Do you have to have oranges? There's other guns on Pandora and other ways to get them besides farming. I got an emperor out of a red box a couple of hours ago in Bloodshot dam. Whoop-dee-doo...

More importantly, how does it take you 6 mins with the Bee? It takes a little more than that when I'm playing with a friend which greatly increases Terra's health. Neither of us have the Bee nor have difficulty killing it.
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4 years ago#22
Without the Bee I only use Zero farming BNK-3R cause he can easily destroy BNK-3R.
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4 years ago#24
Bubba787 posted...
Narugarex13 posted...
Bubba787 posted...

What game are you playing? That description is the largest exaggeration I've ever seen. A regular gun loader shot takes out less than 10% of my 40k shield at 50. I can see the homing missiles dropping you if you stand there and take every one to the face. A security laser...HAHAHA really?!? That's absolutely impossible, those do next to no damage at all.

1. You've found a way to unlock a super-crazy, badass, down me instantly mode that I don't know about.


2. You're exaggerating to help your point which is worse than confirmation bias as your making up your own false evidence.


3. You suck at this game.

I've never owned the Bee, but even without my Bore skill on Zero, the bunker at level 50 is not bad at all if you've got a handful of purples or blues and your build doesn't blow.

Here it comes.... there just had to be a guy who's "hardcore" and trash talk those who enjoy the casual experience....

The bee and cc combo are op beyond reason we all get that but seriously dude, don't be a wise ass. Unlike some people (cough....), there are people who play this game from scratch who must cope with the broken drop rate of blue+ rarity equipments with good stats instead of greens and normals. The weapon level scaling in this game is a bit odd and the damage done by enemies in TVH is big regardless of how good your shields are. The bee is probably there cause the devs thought TVH's more damaging enemies will render the bee's amp damage to be tricky to use (which is a bit of an underestimation?).

That aside, getting a decent shield in BL2's TVH isn't exactly that important as shields will go down in 2 shots or so (even ones with 60k caps like the terra shield).

"a handful of purple"..... dude... decent purps drop on your 1st TVH run is insanely low, mind you the weapon level scaling is a bit odd in this game.

Your arguments are odd cause I've played as Zero and his hp is the lowest out of all the classes and even with a good shield, he'll rely on his cloaking to stay on the run in a MULTIPLAYER game.

Claiming others suck at his/her game cause they are stumbled on an odd situation in a legitimate progress is just arrogant and childish. Acting as if you're so good at this game on a legitimate run by a condescending "hardcore" player such as yourself does not prove your ability a a gamer. Heck, gamers play games for fun, not taking it as a testament of life or something that you HAVE to be the absolute "best" to bash other people....

That aside, the bee is op true but getting "the perfect" bee and cc took a lot of time which makes that game breaking power so much more rewarding.

I'm not even talking about the Bee. I was just reading for enjoyment until I saw ridiculous claims about damage that loaders and security lasers do.

Purples are not hard to come by in TVHM after you beat the game. Kill the Warrior a few times which should be no problem by the time your 50. I'm referring to my first TVH run character which was Zero. They are not hard to come by.

And my main claim is that he's exaggerating. Not that he sucks. The exaggerating is what caused me to post and took up the majority of my post. The sucking part took about 1% of the post and was mostly to be a smartass as the 2nd point is more probable. My skill is not even a part of my argument. I'm using shield and health numbers here based off my experience. I don't think the damage loaders do vary in different players' games.
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(message deleted)
4 years ago#26
Bubba787 posted...

Less than 10% of 40k is less than 40k. At 18k, he can attack you at least 5 times before your shields are out...exaggeration. That's not even counting health which should be relatively high. My Zero sniper has no health skills and is sitting at around 59k, as far as I remember. So, for you that's another 13 or 14 shots...explain to me how you got down in one loader shot.

The security laser doesn't even take a noticeable hit on my that's less than what 1k damage. I doubt it by alone can take out your shields.

I know how the Bee works. That's not my point. I was saying without the Bee the bunker is a relatively easy boss even solo. The fact that you do 800% more damage should make it even easier for you than me if I don't have Bore.

I don't know what game you're playing but on 2.5, my shields drop almost constantly from just a couple of shots. Also, how do you have 59K health? My Gunzerker, with no mods, and no health skills sits at 35K health at 50.

I don't know what to tell you. I was running towards a lvl 50 Gun-Loader that shot me once and left me with 3000hp. The security laser is strange (which is why I was WTF what killed me), but that combat has explosions going off all over the place. However, there was no enemies around for me to shoot, and the lasers were going. So unless Bnk-3r got lucky with something I don't know what happened other that the laser killed me somehow.

I'm not sayin Bnk-3r is hard. I soloed him several times that night where I killed him in less than a minute. I'm just picking out the times I died that were because I had a wussy shield on instead of a 45K Adaptive Shield that gives me +13K health. I didn't mention the time running up the stairs I got hit by a Hot-Loader that I killed only to drop into FFYL amost immediately after (from the fire damage I guess).
4 years ago#27
Why would people migrate to the Sham? I don't get the connection.
Is it just the next best shield or something?
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4 years ago#28
Well, it can get up to a 94% absorption rate. Thats pretty good in my book.
4 years ago#29
Four Skulls posted...
Well, it can get up to a 94% absorption rate. Thats pretty good in my book.

Yeah, it's a great shield.
Is that why TC said people would just move to that?
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4 years ago#30
I think the nerf is hilarious. Why? Because now they'll just go and cry about some other broken item combination.
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