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4 years ago#1
I need some help with the pirates bosses (jerks) I'm level 50 commando. On now gt (the dead gamer)
4 years ago#2
I know a lot of people on here have been asking and I do have a golden key and some legendaries for helping me
get is. The dead gamer
4 years ago#3
I'll help you out but give me 10 mins doing something real quick
GT: Tha LonelyPanda
PSN: ILonely_Panda
4 years ago#4
Cool thanks just send me a message on xbl
4 years ago#5
GT is XOLACE. I'll be on in about 20 mins (Waiting for my DLC to download again since I switched to a new HD.)

Send me an invite if you still need help. :)
4 years ago#6
if you still need help send me an invite. Gt is in my sig
GT "Destiny Kettu"
4 years ago#7
I just sent you a msg on XML. Im a 50 gunzerker and I need to kill em too. Lemme know if you're still looking
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