the joys of the flesh stick

#1OLD_MAN_GAMERPosted 11/17/2012 9:18:17 AM
i ran flesh-stick lobbies for 5 nights straight. at least 80 people dinged out to level 50.
some of those people were nice, some were quiet..and some were freaking awesome!

a few highlights- during one session, a very nice fellow dropped over 300 heads/skins into tinas room. hearing people freak out when they came into the game and saw the pile of skins was pretty funny. another fellow claimed to have all the guns, and that he would share them- and he certainly did. he made public piles for strangers as well. which lead to massive sharing from everyone. people started dropping weapons everywhere (all colors/levels) so the party really started getting hyped.

while i was doing the killing, and someone was hitting the button, little angels kept floating in and out, keeping the loot fresh.

this might not be the "one-shot mega level flesh stick" that people do, but i bet there hasnt been a better flesh stick lobby than ours. free leveling, free loot, free heads and skins. massive deals being made! tiny tina even had a kegger at her place while this was happening. (she is kinda sleazy)

ive killed fleshstick about 7500 times now
acquired 29 different bad-ass points from doing it with different weapons.
i spent close to 2 million dollars on ammo (i dont use infinites)

and last night- it finally happened. i was given 2 BLACK weapons for my hard work. they are locked away in my safe...and they are FREAKING AWESOME!

there is few days left to get in on the magic. BIG THANKS to all for the kind words, in-game goodies, and for sharing with almost everyone that hopped in. (you know who you are)

more to come before the patch! be ready!

gt King Of Snacks
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This is how gaming should be. Sharing, helping, etc and enjoying the game. Glad to hear this.
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Niiiice. Great story, man.
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i think im starting to like co-op more than death match. it is definitely a better feeling to help someone than to have someone call you names because you stole their kill or camped in a corner.

but there are raging orgies at tiny tinas!
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Are you on xbox? and how do you find people?
#6ludaatl12Posted 11/17/2012 10:28:39 AM
GT: Casey26lax FR

Please help me level my mechromancer to 50 :-)
#7OLD_MAN_GAMER(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2012 10:30:17 AM
xbox- King Of Snacks

...people will find you..if you are worth looking for!
most everyone on these boards are on the loose in pandora right now!
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black weapons?
lol Bryzgalov
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This story is the best kind to read, too many people (mostly the A.D.B forget that this game is all about sharing and trading to improve anothers game)

If your gonna have another massive Flesh-Stick grind let me know as i have a Gunzerker i just started and i'd like to get a few quick levels for him, my GT is Anarki471

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