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4 years ago#1
I made the mistake of doing the clan wars quest before 50 and I would like to get a two fer maggie perferably the level 50 one. I got a gunstuck maggie at 49 and would love a two fer... can someone dupe this for me? :)
4 years ago#2
I have and can, but I'm not on yet so if you sent my GT (in sig) a msg I will invite you and give you the weapon.
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4 years ago#3
kk sent a message. :D
4 years ago#4
bump till obtained :O
4 years ago#5
I have one...just send me an invite
GT: IcyReaper10
4 years ago#6
Sorry, I'm a little confused. Does it matter that you did the quest before level 50? Doesn't he respawn so you can just keep farming him? Or does he always respawn at the same level as when you did the quest?

Just asking because I want this gun too but if level of the quest affects anything I'll wait until I'm closer to 50.
4 years ago#7
i read about doing quests early and seen it mentioned a couple youtube vids. I did do the clan war one at 49 and the gunstock maggie that dropped for me was 49... don't know if that's an unusual concidence or something.

ps. Thanks again icy
4 years ago#8
No problem!
GT: IcyReaper 10
4 years ago#9
Any dropped items @50 can be like 48-50. I think chests always spawn 50s though. At least my farming in the Treasure Room has all been 50s.
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