LF Legendary in the 36-40 level range have heads and legendary

#1gerftyPosted 11/20/2012 12:14:32 AM
have all level 50:

severe shredifier
critical conference call (fire)
dobby white death (slag)
stiff unkempt harold
analytical actualizer (corrosive)
scout sraphim (fire)
deft emperor (slag)
refill baby maker
balanced slagga (slag)
skookum skullsmasher
extendified gub (corrosive)
social b****
super gunerang (electric)
original deliverance
acuminous hellfire
akurate madhous! (fire)
punitory norfleet (fire)
tediore allegiance relic 30/70
sticky longbow caustic leech
blastproof hide of terramorphous
the sham
inflammable flame of the firehawk
grounded the bee
the bee
legendary mechromancer class mod
sticky homing bonus package
maliwan allegiance relic
razrez white death (corrosive) (fire)
monstrous volcano
purging infinity
two fer maggie
onslaught veruc
deep a nukem (explosive)
punitory pbfg (fire)
proficiency relic 35% cooldown
zammechat patriot (fire)
breach veruc (corrosive)
hefty baby maker
pacifying pitchfork (fire)
fast bullets madhous! (electric)
slippery kerblaster (explosive)
quik drawler badaboom (corrosive)
waka 12 pounder
practicable conference call (all versions)
social conference call
unending infinity
tumtum diaub (purple)
tediore allegiance relic
sheriff's badge
captain blade's otto idol
legendary mechromancer class mod
legendary soldier class mod
legendary hunter class mod
alkaline hide of terramorphous
caustic infinity (corrosive)
proximate hive (corrosive) (level 49)
rustler's striker
large bunny (explosive)
the transformer
lobbed breath of terramorphous
stockpile relic
legendary gunzerker class mod
sledge's shotgun (corrosive)
dastardly maggie
tactical hornet (corrosive)
proactive b**** (corrosive)
ruthless mongol (electric)
close quarters dahlminator (corrosive)
venture longbow (fire)
hot button bane (fire)
ornery law
vitality relic
stockpile relic (grenade+5)
stockpile relic (green) (pistol,sniper,shotgun ammo +46%)
legendary siren class mod
sticky longbow quasar (electric)
longbow stormfront (electric)
homing fire bee (fire)
homing pandemic (corrosive)
explosive fastball (explosive)
fabled tortoise
the cradle
bladed tattler (fire)
derp nukem (explosive)
redundant logan's gun (fire)
loaded hornet (corrosive)
deadshot hammer buster
evisceration thunderball fists (electric)
critical conferance call (slag)
casual flakker (explosive)
sledge's shotgun (fire)
banbury railer (corrosive)
critikal hit splasher basher (corrosive)
gauranteed babymaker (corrosive)
royal deliverance (corrosive)
vengeful infinity (fire) (shock) (corrosive)
plenteous norfleet (shock)
blood of terramorphous relic
wild cat class mod
heavenly nurse class mod
pokee doke error message error message (explosive)
pertinent pyrophobia (fire)
cohesion invader (slag)
big badaboom (corrosive)
contemptible survivor class mod
elemental relic (shock damage +30%)
contraband skyrocket
sticky homing bouncing bonnie (explosive)
whisky tango foxtrot (electric)
homing breath of terramorpheus (fire)

read all about it
private eyes
clean shave
lovely corpse
mecha wrecka
pig rider
sinful sweetheart
bullet buccaneer
metal blood
digitized death
speak no evil
handsome jacks mask (mechromancer)
kawaii killer
shrapnel slayer
coal train
bone blinder
metal fear
medic mantis
the baron
space knight
dapper gent
boat murderer

i would also take rare skins or heads i dont have. send me a message.
#2keiththeWOLFPosted 11/20/2012 12:20:44 AM
I've got a lvl 37 infinity. Your list is daunting. I don't even know what I would want in return. You can just have it. I'll be on in 30 or so.
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#3xXEPiC4LiFeXxPosted 11/20/2012 12:55:56 AM
Could u dupe me your heads plzzzzz....been looking for someone to dupe me some for weeks now....with no luck. Plz?
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#4gerfty(Topic Creator)Posted 11/20/2012 1:04:11 AM
thanks keith i could use that. let me know if you want something.
epic4life is there a particular head you are looking for? my stuff is spread out through 5 characters. just send me a message.
#5xXEPiC4LiFeXxPosted 11/20/2012 1:27:11 AM
GERFTY is AWESOME!!! Thanks!! :)
Gamer Tag : EPiCx805x
"I think Fallout 3 is a pretty cool guy. Eh buys guns and doesn't afraid of anything." - Riku765