What do you hope for in DLC 3?

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4 years ago#1
Here is my list:

1) Level cap increase to at least Level 75.
2) Smarter enemies and a more diversity of them (i.e. no remakes of enemies and giving them different names).
3) A new vehicle, preferably a flying one.
4) Bosses with smarter AI, especially those that can adjust to the player's tactics.
5) Currency that can be used in normal game.
4 years ago#2
A new vehicle is probably the only thing you will get. If the level does increase, it won't be by 25.
4 years ago#3
1) New skill trees for existing characters
2) Bosses lots of them
3) A LOT of new weapons and class mods
4) Level cap increase
5) New / Reintroduction of a weapon manufacturer
4 years ago#4
Flow_149 posted...

5) New / Reintroduction of a weapon manufacturer

I`m guessing it probably will be someone named Cobra. lol
4 years ago#5
Lvl cap is really my only "hope to happen soon" kinda thing. Well and also the eridium to have more use other then to fight raid bosses.
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4 years ago#6
lol @ "at least level 75"

You'll be lucky if you get past 60.

The original game only went to 69 even after they added levels randomly after all the DLC was released.
4 years ago#7

Anything else I can wait til the fourth one.
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4 years ago#8
Cap increase and some full frontal nudity from Moxxi and Lilith.
4 years ago#9
1) Level 60, that should be enough.
2) A new spartan laser type weapon like Halo 4. Add all new challenges for the weapon, and give it some oranges to give us something to hunt.
3) Mr. Torgue sidequests, 3 at the minimum.
4) At least 3 different types of enemies. Bring back the aliens from Borderlands.
5) Forest-type area. I want to explore a dense forest.
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4 years ago#10
1. More skill points.
2. The vehicles from the Secret Armory (bl1).
3. More SDU's.
4. Completely destroy Hyperion.
5. More memorable characters.
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