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4 years ago#1
So up until this point, I've done mostly everything solo. All four main characters to 50 without power leveling, most all legendaries I found myself. But I asked on this forum for an infinity pistol and someone was kind enough to help me out. I'm not looking for handouts and I have legendaries to trade (idk how to dupe but I'd be willing to), but I am done farming solo!! Any help with legendaries a kind soul could offer me would be greatly appreciated. As Randy Pitchford would say, good luck and happy looting!
4 years ago#2
What do you need?
4 years ago#3
Recently I've been looking for the grenade mods pandemic, storm front, and quasar. The black hole and evolution shields. I got the legendary soldier class mod but I don't have the others... And an infinity pistol or anything else you would suggest I would be grateful for!
4 years ago#4
i have the siren class mod and the evolution shield
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4 years ago#5
That's awesome, anything you're looking for I might have?
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