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4 years ago#1
Looking for Sham 90+ percent chance absorb chance and The Black Hole shield both lvl 50.
I have the electric Scalable Conference Call lvl 50 for trade .

GT: ohh selena
4 years ago#2
i have an 86%. lemme know. dont really need anything cept heads/skins for zer0
Xbox 360 GT: Vw b00st
Playing: Halo 4, Borderlands 2
4 years ago#3
I have a 94 % Sham and a grounded blackhole both level 50
and I will give both also if you have any torgue heads that would be great if not u get both anyway send an invite.
GT: REdrUM0351
4 years ago#4
i have the shields i was looking for but if any of you have the infinity pistol ill trade you the cc.
4 years ago#5
Got a purging infinity also.Non elemental
GT: REdrUM0351
4 years ago#6
i wanted the pistol not the sham
4 years ago#7
Now you got both sorry multiple trades going on.
GT: REdrUM0351
4 years ago#8
that's low bro
4 years ago#9
I missed it again... Really sorry man invite me I have it .
GT: REdrUM0351
4 years ago#10
I will also give you something else for your troubles.
GT: REdrUM0351
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