Anyone have legendary siren mod

#1vadektPosted 11/26/2012 6:50:03 PM
Im looking for this mod, I have burning infinity, bee shield and conference call I can dup or trade, also still looking for all fired up skin
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#2SkillBorn16Posted 11/26/2012 6:51:51 PM
any heads to trade?
#3vadekt(Topic Creator)Posted 11/26/2012 6:52:45 PM
No, no heads srry.
#4lee_Posted 11/26/2012 7:38:26 PM
I have a level 40 Legendary Siren Mod if you want to dupe it. Not fully sure how duping works lol.
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#5LAphoticLPosted 11/26/2012 7:43:40 PM
I'm looking for this as well havewarrior dropped heads not masks Gt l aphotic l
#6vadekt(Topic Creator)Posted 11/26/2012 7:59:55 PM
Ahh ok, If any of you need help with anything else ill be on for a while