nice guy

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4 years ago#11
Wow, the anticipation is killing me....
~ Chad
4 years ago#12
I'm interested.

GT CloakedMalice
4 years ago#13
Still open?

Gt: lawnMAVer
4 years ago#14
can i get in on this? only need a couple of decent things
GT: sniperhit
4 years ago#15
I want in! GT: Bsqueezer
4 years ago#16
Well made blacks I assume?
Gamertag = FREEZE3000
4 years ago#17
Interested!! GT in sig
Gamer Tag : EPiCx805x
"I think Fallout 3 is a pretty cool guy. Eh buys guns and doesn't afraid of anything." - Riku765
4 years ago#18
Gt True Atnoz
My real screen name is Atnoz. ^_^
FC for NarutoCoNR3: 5371 0577 0707
4 years ago#19
hahahahaha that's a lot of stuff.... thanks a ton!
~ Chad
4 years ago#20
I'm interested in this.

GT: Hellborne Havoc

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