i know people ask to level up but this glitch SUCKS!

#1GoodJobEinsteinPosted 11/27/2012 9:29:55 PM
Im at level 45 in tundra express doing story missions. The missions, and side quests, are all level 50 and im dying a BUNCH! If anyone is willing to help me get to 50 so i can finish these i would really appreciate it. I can dupe some Infinity Pistols or CCs as well
#2RedPhaetonPosted 11/27/2012 9:38:45 PM
Send me a message on Live, I'll PL you.
GT: Red Phaeton
#3GoodJobEinstein(Topic Creator)Posted 11/27/2012 9:55:07 PM
#4HughJorgennPosted 11/27/2012 9:56:50 PM
Can I get in on this?