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User Info: Fallout700

4 years ago#1
The only legendaries I have to trade are the Lobbed Storm Front, Slayer of Terramorphous Commando, Alkaline Impaler, The Bee, Lobbed Breath of Terramorphous, or any combination up to three. If anyone is interested, leave your gamertag. Mine is xboxtim13.

User Info: Rockstar97856

4 years ago#2
I can hook you up
GT: xIMike ox bigIx
Letters before the M and after the g are capital i's

User Info: staycool7989

4 years ago#3
I have an extra
Team Awesome's official pretty boy master of rage and underage (Don't worry, it'll be fine...)
Xbox LIVE GT: ixiChuck Norris

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