LF a few guns.

#1BecauseRallycarPosted 11/29/2012 7:31:52 AM
Hey everyone. I know this board is flooded with LF topics so sorry, here is another one. I am looking for a couple guns, and I have plenty to dupe in return for your trouble. I know the bank glitch so if you want to drop your whole stash that's cool too. I will jump in your game afterwards and drop everything I have for you. I do ask that you have a mic just because its easier to communicate.

What I need:
(Lvl 50)
Logans gun
Mad hous!
Any 1st dlc crystal weapons

My gt is in my sig , just send me a msg on live, I will be on from now till around noon central US time.
Xbox360 GT; Martyrdumb