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4 years ago#1
Anybody got a maliwan PBFG, maliwan plasma caster, skullsmasher and emperor? Been farming for days and no results. Only condition is they have to be level 50 and no slag. I would prefer we dupe them but if that's against your religion/political views i have e-techs and oranges i can trade. If we trade i only trade equal to the rarity(as in an e-tech for an e-tech and an orange for an orange, though i do have 3 pinks i don't care about that i'd be willing to trade)

If you got any and wanna dupe or trade hit me up. GT is STIPY.
4 years ago#2
i've got a decent Flying Emperor if you want it, GT: HurleyJ5
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4 years ago#3
I have a level 50 Maliwan Plasma Caster that's either fire or shock. If you're willing to wait till tomorrow we can dupe trade. What do you have?
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4 years ago#4
Well....want to you want? Hit me up tomorrow and i guess i can give you a list of E-techs and oranges i have. I might have a spare conference call. And i have a level 50 version of that unique e-tech pistol you get from the treasure hunt quest in the caustic caverns, corrosive one at that to=p
4 years ago#5
bumping for effect
4 years ago#6
I have the other 3 but what is pbfg?
4 years ago#7
PBFG Is a maliwan E-tech rocket launcher. Stands for pretty big f***ing gun.

At this point two people have given me the skullsmasher and emperor. All i need is PBFG and maliwan plasma caster. If you have either please hit me up. These forums are busy. GT: STIPY.
4 years ago#8
Still need plasma casters?
4 years ago#9
Yes, but only if its Maliwan=p
4 years ago#10
I have 2 acid and one shock and even a slag plasma caster. However, only one of the acid is Maliwan.
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