anyone needs power leveling?

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4 years ago#1
Unlike the modders who can level you in a second. i'm offering that good ol' flesh stick because that's all i have and for what? nothing at all. just message me and i'll invite you. i'll be on for a while. i have no idea how many people want it but i'm not expecting a lot at all...........

GT: Zephyr Moon
(Insert Sig Here)
4 years ago#2
i got a gunz at 33 i never use if you want to finish him off just so hes at 50, ill be on in like a half hour xbox bunzilla
4 years ago#3
I do!
Just twelve levels :)

Ill send a message on xbl

Ill be that one guy :P

Can offer legends in return ^_^
Always willing to help!
Official Angel of Death
4 years ago#4
Hi can I join I'm a level 37 commando but would like to level the other 3 to 25 if I can
4 years ago#5
If you send me an invite I will drop some weapon piles for people to sort through, all level 50. Gt tuner240
4 years ago#6
Sent u msg gt: I make poopE
4 years ago#7
i'm leveling people so those who message me just be patient. i'll be going by who messaged me first.
(Insert Sig Here)
4 years ago#8
I was just wanting to drop weapons for people to sort through. If you want me to just sent an invite.
(message deleted)
4 years ago#10
xbox froze, thanks for the leveling, theres more needy people out there than i, if you need heads or skins or whatever hit me up, much appreciated!
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  3. anyone needs power leveling?

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