Giveaway 2.0

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4 years ago#1
In lue of glock heading out I'll do a give away as well, set up sanctuary with 500 orange and 500 purple laying around. come look around and take what you want. Send GT
GT: Kaeichi
4 years ago#2
Outstanding effort fella.

Im just curious as to where you store all this stuff! :o)
XBox Live GT: MrDilinja
4 years ago#3
Send gt where?
GT: X soulcrafter X
4 years ago#4
4 years ago#5
To kaeichi, though dropping all those guns froze my system so will just hand out based on what you need
GT: Kaeichi
4 years ago#6
I'm a modder, I play offline normally but scammers piss me off so duping free of charge
GT: Kaeichi
4 years ago#7
doing skins ands heads now, no mech or dlc though
GT: Kaeichi
4 years ago#8
Do you have a corrosive b**** ?
4 years ago#9
non-elemental B***** atm
GT: Kaeichi
4 years ago#10
after this group I'll do dupes for either bulk weps/items or skins/heads by request. Just send me message saying skins or items along with invite, will jump in and drop inventory in your game and get to next person on list
GT: Kaeichi

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