Anyone want to fight Terra fairly?

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User Info: slewpa

4 years ago#1
And by fair I mean no Bees or Baby Makers. If so please post.
I'm a level 50 Assassin
I Will Use:
Lobbed Electric Leech (For healing eveyone)
Legendary Hunter Class Mod
Blood of Terramorphous
Flame of the Firehawk (Only nod Bee/Modded leendary shield I have)
Purging Infinity
Expandifide Madhous!
Loaded Maggie
Deft Emperor

My skill trees give me these stats:
50% Reload Speed
100% Weapon Swap Speed
Fire Rate 25% and Gun Damage 15% when shields are depleted
10% Gun Damage and 9% Melee Damage perstack (Up to 5 stacks)
10% Gun Damage, 4% Health Regen, and 35% Movement Speed in Decepti0n
20% Gun Damage when attacking an enmy not focusing me
40% Critical Hit Damage
60% Gun Damage for first bullet in magazine (Permanent 60% with Infinity)
25% Accuracy
100% Bullet Speed, 15% Critical Damage, and 10% Gun Damage

My build looks pretty good I think. A healing prioritized Siren is a must, and then anyone else should be good. Not another assassin though as we are squishy. Please post if interested.
You can't kill me!
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  3. Anyone want to fight Terra fairly?

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