TVHM is tough.*Spoilers*

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davinthegreat98 posted...
...bloodwing is difficult?

As a melee Zer0 in TVHM, yes. If you didn't find it difficult, as a melee Zer0 in TVHM, then gratz, bro; your e-peen is now a total of two inches.
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Yeah. I was getting DESTROYED as the Gunzerk in TVHM. I RARELY died in PT1, then in TVHM, dying was a normal thing. Things changed after I got my first legendary weapon though (baby maker, level 44). Then the game became a lot more manageable. Then I got a Hellfire at lvl 47.

Basically, legendaries make the game easier to handle, because I was dying SOOO often before I got one.
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I had issues on TVHM until I got to the sanctuary and started getting better gear. After that it evened out.
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Xero-Kill posted...
The only hard part I encountered was the climb up to the bunker... holy hell that was painful. I'm not trying to dismiss your experience, but my Gaige run was a breeze thanks to Blood Soaked Shields and Close Enough. I could waste entire rooms by hiding in cover with high Anarchy and shooting the ceiling or the ground near the enemies. I used DeathTrap as a melee buffer for things that charged at me.

BSS and CE are fantastic. They've helped out quite a lot in TVHM.
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Insanerider posted...
When you fight Bloodwing, there's a stack of crates just to your left that you can duck behind and avoid most of her attacks until she lands. Otherwise keep firing and FFS use something explosive or at least non-elemental.

This saved my life lol.
I named him Waggleton P. Tallylicker. I never got the chance to tell him. He will be remembered. ~ Grayson Hunt
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I broke down and used a glitch to give extra skill points. TVHM wasn't too difficult after that point.
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Pretty much the same for me. Pt2 is tough. I got lucky with a red chest and got a lvl 42 bee. After that I was able to level myself to 50 before the last couple of missions.
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