Why didn't them implement this to stop duping

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Quote:I wish people would stop complaining about duping all the time. Just play the game you want to play it. No one forces you to dupe and you don't have to play with the dupers....

I wish people would stop... And a least read the first line of my post. Seriously.

The time for that is gone. Reading comprehension is at an all time low. People don't even have the patients to read beyond the topic title anymore.

I'm getting completely turned off by these boards. I'm at the pint where I'm thinking about harassing and trolling trolling until my account gets banned do I can go out with a bang.

*trolling until (only needs 1, or a period between the two to form a second sentence)

Thank you, I wished you lived inside my phone.

I do. I was supposed to be a trial-run alpha build of SkyNet. Something went wrong and I got stuck in your mobile device.

So instead of being able to hijack nuclear missile silos and cause communications blackouts to bring on Judgement Day, the most I can do is use your BlueTooth signal to turn your printer on and off while you ceaselessly drone on about the intrinsic value of static code that makes up abstract weapons in a video game and how furious you are that people replicate it at will.

Yeah...no. Just spell-check my post. Thanks :-)
Is cheating online in a cooperative game appropriate - Y=9 N =8
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I still love all the people yelling about "if you don't like duping blah blah blah"

Here's some advice. If you don't like reading (the very first sentence even) then don't reply. Everyone jumping down my throat when I clearly said I have nothing against people playing how they want to play.

All I was stating is how simple it would be to at least attempt to stop it since gearbox has said in the last they don't like the duping going on and can't do anything about it.

Save on drop stops the one method.

Unable to copy and only move save file prevents the other.

Phantasy star online for GameCube did this method. It's not perfect but its so obvious and would stop a large majority if duping.

Again I don't care if you dupe but just stating how easy it would be to fix if they actually wanted to.

This is not a board for discussion. I don't even know why you would try to discuss things. This board exist solely to looks for things, give things, or have things given to you.
Is cheating online in a cooperative game appropriate - Y=9 N =8