badass rank reset, again for the second time

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3 years ago#11
Zayne0zmande posted...
And apparently is removes things in your community stash too, maybe unrelated but did happen at the same time. So either another random quirck or that thieving clap-trap strikes again.

I've had things come out of my dash but it was a edit of me switching between characters multiple times and not saving while also altering my stash.
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3 years ago#12
I recently noticed if i do split screen co-op, P1 would have all the BA ranks and bonuses while P2 gets reseted. But when I do solo later on all characters get their BA back. Is this normal?
3 years ago#13
kekstom posted...
The patch to fix this will land between the 3rd-7th because its waiting for certification by microsoft and players affected by this will be compensated with 10 golden keys and i think people will get their badass ranks back.

Unless this is just an epic troll, do you have a link to support this? While the golden keys would be nice, I really just want my ranks back...
3 years ago#14
does this have anything to do with some challenges seemingly being reset? Killed Terramorphous 2-3 dozen times on my Siren, yet the challenge is still at 0. There are others like that.
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