one more night with flesh stick

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4 years ago#21
Thinking out loud here kinda be fun if old man gamer the tc started a topic when we are all on fleshy ticking we can share stories and weapons or anything really
4 years ago#22
Flesh sticking***
4 years ago#23
"Tales Of The Flesh-Stick"
4 years ago#24
OLD_MAN_GAMER posted...
the more flesh stickers the better.

my flesh stick is at 2.5 he is level 52. last night he dropped the first ever orange weapon we've seen (about 8000 kills)- thats how rare orange is- better yet the gun was level 9 (go figure)

the patch is rumored to hit tommorrow (maybe)

i will flesh stick from 7 -10 pm tonight. i'll help as many as i can!
just be online at 7. i invite 5 people at a time to ensure a full room.

gt King Of Snacks

I'm on 2.5 as well, however, I've only seen a single blue weapon drop from him, nothing any better as of yet.

Old Man, I sent you a pm.

I will not be denied my rightful place in the nightmares of men.
GT - Titus Crow USMC
4 years ago#25
Gonna get in on this one with my Sal. Would that be 6pm central? have to run to the grocery store soon here, but will be back before 5.
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4 years ago#26
4 years ago#27
I'm in!!!!
GT: averag3xhom3b01 (Zero, not a capital O)
4 years ago#28
Any space in a session?

GT Robbo566
4 years ago#29
trying to get the gunzerking achievement, would love to be invited!

GT: ZenoReaper
"So you like SUIKODEN?"-Psycho Mantis
"Try to learn a few things...before you open you mouth and allow the stupid to come out."-AllAlone5
4 years ago#30
yayyyy! good flesh stick session! if they dont patch it- we will do it more! woohoo!
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