Best guns/shields for Salvador (In your opinion)

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fakesnoop77 posted...
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
Docs Striker
Docs Quad

Are these quest rewards or found somewhere specific?

the striker is dropped from Old Slappy. Quads can be found anywhere.

Both can have varying prefixes, I just prefer Doc's for the crit boost. A Striker has a base crit boost of 72%, and a Docs is 130% iirc.

The projectile count + prefix is also good, I think it's Well Kept.
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I used a combination rampage/brawn build. I really liked the health regen of the Neogenator sheild combined with the health regen of Sal's other abilities. The sheild is small but the +health and +health regen is nice. The bee is nice for just plain extra damage. When I run through the normal mode, I like using the Impaler spike sheild.

As for weapons, it changes depending on what I want to do and what mod/relic I'm running.

I have two vladof anarchist pistols (purple, ~10k dmg, ~87%acc, ~10 firerate, ~27 mag)that I like to use in combination with the Titan class mod and pistol dmg relic.

Sometimes I like to use the launcher/torgue gunzerk glitch for fun.

For bosses, I usually use the bee sheild+babymaker with the +team magazine mod and the +health relic just for the sake of expediency.
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Kpt_Kapowski posted...
The projectile count + prefix is also good, I think it's Well Kept.

Just look for a fore grip on the shotguns. That's the +2 projectile count.
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Thanks guys. I'm gonna have fun with playing around with Salv
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