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4 years ago#1
I find myself with a little time on my hands today. I've had fun doing this a couple of times, so let's give it a go for a short while today.

Starting in the golden chest room, you will find Assault Rifles. Take a right towards the black market, you will find Pistols. Just before Moxxi's, Rocket Launchers. Inside Moxxi's, Shotguns. Just outside the other side, SMGs. Up the street, Sniper Rifles. Take a right up the steps, Shields.

Alley to Zed's has class mods.

Alley to Raider's HQ has Relics

Alley to Marcus has Grenade Mods.

All items dropped by me are at Level 50. (except a level 37 afterburner) Weapons that are blue have red text or extreme high damage. There are a few surprises that I put off the beaten path.

Send message on Xbox to xsaudio

I will invite you in two at a time (three if I get overwhelmed with requests). If you want to leave something, please drop it in the correct grouping. If it is low level stuff, drop to the side and I will clear them out of the way. Good luck!

I find it easier if I do not reply to original invites so that I can keep track of who has been invited and who hasn't. If I don't immediately invite you, keep in mind that there may be others ahead of you.
4 years ago#2
still doing giveaway. Right now still letting 2 in at a time so those who I haven't invited yet, please be patient.
4 years ago#3
Been hosting for almost 2 hours. Still have stuff laying around if anyone else still wants to get in.

To those who have made a run through, any suggestions for improvements? Likes/dislikes?

Feel free to drop suggestions here.
4 years ago#4
I'm done for now, but will be back later on. Hope everyone had fun.
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