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4 years ago#1
Working on gaige... And wondering what kind of mod is the best for stacking anarchy? And the stats... Also wondering what type of gun is most suitable for the task. :-)
GT: kjoinne
4 years ago#2
GT: kjoinne
4 years ago#3
GT: kjoinne
4 years ago#4
I havent played an anarchy gaige yet
But heres a link for some mods :)
Maybe you can see what some good skills are for her
Always willing to help!
Official Angel of Death
4 years ago#5
The best mod for her is probably a wired Catalyst in most situations.

That build is what I kind of consider the standard Gaige build. I like to take a few points from preshrunk in order to get one point in interspersed outburst.

Good weapons for this build are a Binary Shock Rubi- for invincibility. I like the Shock practicable Slow Hand for my damaging needs. I like quasar grenade mods for her, and I like the black hole.

Any weapon with a small magazine and reload time is great for anarchy, like the Striker and Maggie. Ravagers also work, but I stick to shock weapons for obvious reasons.

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