Looking for other legends for dupe!!!!! I will dupe you what i have!

#1crec4444Posted 12/8/2012 12:37:43 PM
I am looking for all the other legends I dont have. I am sure everyone is tired of farming the same dang boss over and over and not getting anything and waisting your freaking time doing it! LOL! I am looking for lvl 50's only and I am also looking for a heavenly nurse mod! I'm not looking for trading... theres no point when you can dupe!!!! These are the legends i have!

Critical conference call, all the bee shields, rapid and shock infinity pistols, baby maker, cartel and corrosive cartel pitchforks,slayer of terramorphous class mod for siren and mechro,taktikai madhous,rabid shredifier,black hole (49), and blood of terramorphous relic. That should be all the ones i have.

If you are interested in what i have or just want to help me out i would appreciate it!!!
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