Infinity.... Badly Need One (PS3)

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Looking for someone willing to dupe the Infinity (and any other legendary LVL 48+ item). I have 2 Conference Calls (one normal one caustic), a Caustic Pitchfork, a B*tch, Hammer Buster, Hellfire, Bee, Impaler, Hide of Terramorphous, Bonus Package + gaining more everyday. I'm generally a farmer and don't mind killing something over and over again, but I've actually killed Doc Mercy more than I did the Warrior and I haven't gotten a thing so I'm getting a little frustrated and would love some help. I got everything you see myself but I think I'm done farming and I'm ready to move on to completing the game with multiple characters.

My gamertag is tonyadpx on PSN.
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This is the 360 board pal
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Ooops.... Just joined. Sorry for wasting anyone's time.
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It happens.
At any case, good luck over in the correct board and welcome. lol
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