Help from the L50 experts! (Shameless P/L request :-)

#1thinkfootballPosted 12/9/2012 5:35:08 AM(edited)
I'm up with a cup of java and have a rare day off from work--anyone kind enough to PL me?

Fleshstick, Warrior, doesn't matter, your choice and thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

GT- CENTURI0N I (Number "0"for the o, Letter 'i" at the end)

Thank you!
#2thinkfootball(Topic Creator)Posted 12/9/2012 5:35:52 AM
L20 character, if that info helps. Thanks again for anyone's help
#3thinkfootball(Topic Creator)Posted 12/9/2012 10:49:42 AM
To the dude that hooked me up, thank you very much! I wanted to give you a shout out but i didnt want you to get bombarded with tells for requests. Thanks again bro, a pleasure talking to you as well!