Hardest Super badass enemy??

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4 years ago#1
what do you think it is?loader or varkid or something else?/
4 years ago#2
Probably a constructor.
4 years ago#3
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4 years ago#4
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4 years ago#5
Constructor. I completely lost it once it hit me with the nukes for the first time, I would have killed the first person I had seen over the rage fighting those damn things
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4 years ago#6
constructor with those cheap ass missiles etc
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4 years ago#7
Actually, I think super badass pyro threshers are worse than the constructors just because they come so unpredictably and kill just as quick
4 years ago#8
Varkids for sure. The constructors are easily dealt with by hiding behind cover and shooting its massive crit spot. Whereas with the Varkid, they have tons of health, methods of OHKOing you and a means of mobility to creep up next to you in case you try to create distance between the two of you.
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4 years ago#9
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4 years ago#10

Constructors don't move so once you get in their face you can score easy crits on them. Also they love to throw down turrets which give you an easy second wind.
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